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If you can Dream it....We can design it!

Do you need electrical designs? Installations? Testings? or Site Surveys? and much more? Let us know what you need, and we can provide it at the best cost! We develop and test products to ensure user's satisfaction and maintain program reliability by producing timely updates whenever needed. Our programs are user-friendly which set us apart from the competition, while our commitment to excellence creates an environment where our employees are dedicated in serving its clients by giving them exactly what they need at the best costs for their organisation to prosper and achieve highest profits. As of January 2016, Incegroup has introduced another innovative solution in the area of Renewable energy using Solar technology Residential use.

Incegroup has been creating websites and helping businesses in St.Vincent & the Grenadines initialise their Internet, Software and Engineering needs for the past Twelve years. Whether you are a home owner or run a large commercial business, Incegroup can offer you a comprehensive and professional service designed specifically for you.

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We have over 35+ years of Experience in Engineering and Software Development

Maxwell Ince

Managing Director

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